Last Sunday was my best day ever in my Whistler adventure. I went skiing on Whistler mountain taking many photos with my camera and then I posted them on Facebook.


At 3 p.m. I came back to school to meet my new Brazilian friend Thainà and a new girl from the French part of Switzerland, Audrey. We met each other at school and we went to eat delicious, enormous hamburgers in the Market Place.


I had a lot of fun during these hours spent with my new friends. While we were speaking about our country traditions, we suddenly saw a brochure indicating that in the evening there will be a fire-ski show with fireworks at 7 p.m. For 2 hours we were walking  around the village for shopping, eating ice-cream and making selfies together in front of Christmas-lit trees.


We went to the show where I took wonderful pictures while the showmen were ski-jumping and snowboarding.


Finally we went to take our bus to go home and have dinner.

Words & Photos by: Lorenzo Caruso


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