Toronto is Awesome

My name is Alice.  I’m from Brazil and I decided to visit Toronto to improve my English.  I have been here almost 2 months now and although it is a short time, it was enough for me to get in love with the city and the school.  There were lots of things that made my days better while I’m staying far away from my family, friends and country.  Now I am going to talk about some of my experiences which I liked the most.


Toronto is a multi cultural city and this really called my attention because it makes me feel more comfortable during my days here.  There are such an amazing places to visit and if you enjoy to try different meals, so you are in the right place.  Also, Toronto has an impressive transport system, the TTC helped me a lot when I have to go somewhere.  It is very different from Brazil’s system, so I really got dazzled.  I can’t talk about Toronto without saying about the shopping malls.  These city has such an amazing and huge places where you can go shopping.  Actually, if I hadn’t done it that much, I would have studied more.

At Tamwood, I’ve met good friends and teachers, who are always making my days better and easier.  I really hope that after I go back to Brazil we’ll keep in touch.

Words by Alice Carvalho Gouveia de Almeida


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