Hiking Heaven at Whistler

Hi, I’m Tomo from Japan. I came to Canada in April, lived in Vancouver for four months and moved to Whistler in August to enjoy the summer mountains and skiing in winter. Whistler has a lot of beautiful lakes and mountains. You can enjoy the outdoor activities through the year. I like hiking in the mountains, so Whistler is hiking heaven for me.

I have been to a lot of hiking places for three months, let me introduce you some of them.


This is the Whistler peak, We went there on the last day of summer season pass. We could go there easily by gondola and lift in summer, also in winter, you can ski down from here. The mountain over the Inukshuk is Black Tusk, very impressive peak.

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This is the Wedge lake, the most beautiful lake which I have ever been to in Canada. The end part of trail was so steep to climb up, but I can see the beautiful lake and mountains. The glacier was also awesome. My heart was fulfilled with the achievement.

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Russet Lake is 14 km distance from Whistler village center. You have two ways to get there, one is taking the gondola and walking, the other is just walking. Both ways are very difficult to hike. But once you arrive at the lake, you can enjoy seeing the great glacier, especially, Cheakamus glacier which has a wide ice field, you will be amazed by its scale.


We students went to the Panorama lake. We sometimes have recreations after class. We divided the students to two groups, fast walking group and slow walking group. Finally, slow walking group arrived there thirty minutes later, we enjoyed taking pictures, eating snacks and drinking around there.


This is my favorite place in Whistler. I often go there when I want to relax. I bring snacks and coffee to enjoy the time. And you also can see the panorama view. If you go there in the summer, you can be lying on the grass and feeling the cool breeze. If you go there in fall, you can see the beautiful fall leaves.

Words and Photos by: Tomoyasu Sato


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